Marketing for kitchen and bath remodeling companies offers some unique but challenging opportunities.

You need to find the right combination of a well-crafted website showing off your best portfolio while designed for search engine optimization. It is the foundation on which all of the other tools like blogging, search engine marketing, social media participation, email marketing, and reputation management all revolve.

Driving qualified leads to call you or visit your showroom is the ultimate goal. It can be accomplished by crafting a well-designed website. It should be a great visual experience. It should also be designed to optimize your website for higher placement in local search results. Begin with defining your best customers and designing a strategy to raise awareness of your brand with those customers using digital media and ultimately get them to contact you as a quality, qualified lead.

Who is my target audience

Defining who our target customer is leads us to the first step. If we don’t know our audience we will spend our efforts and our dollars in a wasteful way. See Buyers persona

Website SEO

Website Search engine optimization is the practice of getting your website to be one of the top answers to a web searcher’s query. There are many “SEO EXPERTS” who promise the moon but in reality, They produce marginal results at best. Without a complete strategy that employs all the tools outlined here, the results will be lackluster. Be wary of pie-in-the-sky promises. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, It usually is.


Blogging is a great way to show off your expertise in the kitchen and bath field. It is also a great opportunity to show off current projects. It helps to keep your website current while providing additional content for search engines to find.


Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the practice of placing paid ads to have your website placed at the top of search results. It is one of the quickest returns on investment but perhaps the most expensive. SEM is definitely part of the program mix.

Social Media

For building a brand and connecting with your target audience where they are, social media is hard to beat. There are also opportunities to reach out to people who are actively looking for cabinetry while they are on various social media platforms through promoted posts and social media advertising. Facebook is a natural place to reach customers where they are online.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where your customers are hanging out. Whether it is browsing on Pinterest or Instagram for design ideas or talking about their remodeling project on Facebook you can bet they are spending time on some social platforms before making the decision to seek out your remodeling company.

Email Marketing

To engage and stay in touch with customers whose projects may be down the road time-wise mail marketing is king. By Offering customers help in reaching their buying decision while they are on their journey collecting information, you can stay at the top of their minds when they finally do decide. Well-run email campaigns return on average $42 for each dollar spent.

Reputation Management.

According to a survey by, “98% of shoppers say reviews are an essential resource when making purchase decisions.” Creating a systematic process for collecting reviews online is an important piece of the total digital marketing package.

We employ all these tools along with traditional advertising to provide a complete marketing package for your Kitchen and Bath Business