Content Creation / Curation

Content is how visitors find your site in search engines. You want to be the answer to the visitor’s search query. That Answer needs to be in the content of your site. It can be in visual form like images ( properly tagged ), text, or video. While we create engaging content for your site visitors we also keep a keen eye on the SEO ( Search engine optimization.) Curation is finding content online that would be valuable to your target audience and sharing that content on your site.

We can help with content creation and posting on your site. There are two separate areas we can help with the content on your site. One is on the site directly, the other is by setting up a blog. What is a blog and why is it important? Follow this link. We can also help in sharing that content on Social Media.

We can take care of photography in-house. From product shots and the facilities to profile pics of your key employees, we are set up to handle those needs.

Some examples of the sites we have developed.

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