Email Marketing

The objectives and results of email marketing
Email marketing is a fantastic tool for specific reasons. At any time a business can send out information personalized to just the right customers on their email list. This group of people who have opted in to receive email messages from the company. They are most likely the strongest advocates as well as the best customers. It is a very good way to build even stronger loyalty with this group.
While building loyalty and authority in the marketplace and trust with the customer base, sales can be built. Increasing sales is one important function of email marketing and can be very effective time us invested. The right balance must be achieved to maximize sales while not annoying customers.
Email marketing is part of the foundation of most Digital Marketing Strategy. Before the explosion of social media, email marketing was front and center for delivering messages to customers who matter the most.
The difference between email marketing and social media is email is push messaging like older traditional media. Email marketing is about sending a message out without conversation opposed to social media which is a place for conversations. One is not better than the other, they are just different tools for different purposes. Due to their natures, a customer can passively receive email messages while other customers who participate in social media actually go to those sites to participate publicly and privately with others and that is where the customer gets and even shares that information.
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