Digital Growth

Digital Growth

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What is the right fertilizer for your business?


Many small business owners, in the bustle of running our businesses, have taken a piecemeal approach to our online marketing. Often it is so hard just to run the business we don't get to plan ahead. We know we should but, marketing is the easiest task to put off. When we do have time, we seem to get excited about fad in promotion or bright, shiny new website. Then what? We find that's not working as we thought so we plant little bits of information about ourselves on social media sites. That's not really it either. Maybe there is something to that SEO stuff people have been pushing or maybe we throw some money at online advertising.

A better approach is to take stock of the systems we have set up, analyze the current online assets, determine where your company wants to be and deliberately design an integrated plan to get there. Every asset needs to work in unison.

Website visits, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers are just measurements, just numbers unless they move you toward your objectives.

We help you execute a planned, holistic, synergistic strategy so you know that the time you spend online is moving you forward.

We don't chase the bright shiny objects or give ourselves kudos by sharing meaningless numbers. We are your partner in your marketing efforts for the long haul. We collaborate with you to find the right mix, the right fertilizer to increase your harvest.


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Public Speaking / Training

Group Training or one on one,  I like to empower clients and remove some of the mystery out of reaching your customers online.

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Developing your program

It seems like everywhere we turn today we run into people wanting to design your website, or peddling do-it-yourself websites, or  promising amazing SEO results.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and dozens more social sites can clamor for our attention and can be a drain on our time. How can we best use social media to hit our goals?

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Search engine marketing. Should you budget some money for search engine ads? Where should they be placed?

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Email Marketing

Permission-based marketing, email marketing is delivering content to your best customers who want the information that you are sharing. Be careful. These people deserve to be treated very well and not sold to in every email. When you build a strong relationship, you can ask them to buy. More of them will.

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Monitor and Reporting

Lather, rinse and repeat. Well not quite.  It's easy to throw money at a problem and look at measurements. That's looking in the rearview. We want to test efforts,  look at predictive metrics and expand what will work best and stop what isn't working.

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Next Steps...

If we are a good fit for each other, we would love to have a conversation with you. You can email us at this link, or text and call us at 562.726.2784. (562-RAMARTI )

Online Marketing - Social Media

Where to start ?

Where to start ?

Welcome to our site.  Here, we will explore the many tools available online, and how they connect to make a synergistic and comprehensive online marketing plan.

Some online tools you probably already use. Your website, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most common. Then there are search engines, directory sites, review sites and many more that without a plan, they can end up being a giant time waster.

So, are there ways maximize our efforts and minimize the time we spend? Yes. The good thing is that business owners already know the difficult part, how to handle customers/visitors. The easier part learning the tools to leverage our efforts.

Here we will be exploring some of the strategies and tools we have available to get the most out of our time in social media and marketing our business online.