Digital Growth

Digital Growth

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What is the right fertilizer for your business?

Options for digital advertising.

Determining the unique combination of digital advertising to increase your online presence and increase sales for your business can be overwhelming. We are here to help.

e-mail marketing
Online Reputation- If your have negative reviews or comments they need to be corrected
Google+,Google Maps, Google My Business
Advertising, Search, Display, Google, FacebookMobileTools for digital ads - Re-marketing, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Targeting
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Public Speaking / Training

Group Training or one on one,  I like to empower clients and remove some of the mystery out of reaching your customers online.

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Developing your program

It seems like everywhere we turn today we run into people wanting to design your website, or peddling do-it-yourself websites, or  promising amazing SEO results.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and dozens more social sites can clamor for our attention and can be a drain on our time. How can we best use social media to hit our goals?

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Search engine marketing. Should you budget some money for search engine ads? Where should they be placed?

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Email Marketing

Permission-based marketing, email marketing is delivering content to your best customers who want the information that you are sharing. Be careful. These people deserve to be treated very well and not sold to in every email. When you build a strong relationship, you can ask them to buy. More of them will.

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Monitor and Reporting

Lather, rinse and repeat. Well not quite.  It's easy to throw money at a problem and look at measurements. That's looking in the rearview. We want to test efforts,  look at predictive metrics and expand what will work best and stop what isn't working.

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Online Marketing - Social Media

Where to start | How to use Social Media To Increase Sales

Where to start | How to use Social Media To Increase Sales

How do we use our social media accounts to drive sales?

Here, we will explore perhaps the most often question we hear from clients, we have a Facebook business page and an Instagram account  but  how do we use social media to increase sales? That is not such an easy question to answer. There really isn’t a cookie cutter approach that will work for everyone but there are some concepts that apply to most. Social media if first and foremost, social. People generally don’t visit sites to see commercials. People use Social media sites to connect with others.

With so many tools available online,  how can we comprehensive and synergistic way, develop and implement an online marketing plan that works with our existing marketing efforts while creating a return on investment.

Taking stock of where you are, your digital footprint.

One of the first steps is to take stock in where you are right now. Take a look at some key metrics. Look at the number of Facebook friends. More importantly, take a look at how people engage with you on Facebook. You should do the same with any other social media sites.  Next, you can Google yourself to see what people are saying about you. Any marketing effort will be hampered if potential customers find you online only to see negative reviews. We should also look at the metrics on your website. How many people visit, what pages do they visit, how long do they stay on those pages, how did they find you, through search, by referral or directly. Finally, if you purchase any online advertising, is it optimized for the greatest return?

Once you know where you are, it is time to take a look at where you want to go.

Some online tools you probably already use. Your website, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most common. Then there are search engines, directory sites, review sites and many more that without a plan, they can end up being a giant time waster. So, are there ways maximize our efforts and minimize the time we spend? Yes. The good thing is that business owners already know the difficult part, how to handle customers/visitors. The easier part learning the tools to leverage our efforts. One of the ways I like to think about Social Media sites is like a social event like a dinner party. At a social gathering you probably would not pitch your company. You would probably share stories and information of value. If someone else brought up the topic of your business, then you and your business might be the the solution that others are looking for. In those instances it would be appropriate to talk shop. Also sharing your expertise with people is another way to add value to converations. You build credibility and establish yourself as an expert. This has power in a couple of ways.

  1. Your efforts in social media reinforce your other promotional efforts
  2. Your efforts also builds trust in your communities for the times that you might want to create an offer, they are willing tthe offer.
  3. By having a preence online, you help poeple in communities to refer you to others.

Social Media marketing efforts are not instant. It takes time to build influence, and create trust. There are ways to streamline the process of both sharing in social media as well as listening to conversations about you. Listening to conversations is as important as sharing. People want to be understood as much as to understand.  By doing so, you make deposits in  your relationship  bank account.  Social Media does not need to time consuming.  Two way communication is what separates inbound marketing from traditional outbound messages of traditional marketing. By making your site the hub of communications, you create additional traffic to your site. The messages you share on social media sites tease people in other  communities to follow links back to your site. It Increases traffic and suggests to search engines that your site is a popular site and therefor a good site to move up in rankings. You are probably getting a good idea the role social media helps grow sales.

To manage social profiles, sharing and listening, there are a few tools to streamline the process. They are known as Social Media dashboards.  Social Media dashboards allow you to connect multiple accounts in one place. We wil explore some of the social media dashboards in another post.