I am a Web Designer but it is not websites I sell.

Lots off choices - Image in diverging paths in a field
Let’s not get caught in the weeds

There are more places for a business to be found today that it can leave us scratching our heads.

From websites and blogs to online stores, Facebook (business), Instagram along with a plethora of online directories the possibilities are many. But, how are we to choose and then manage our selection and how do we choose them to evaluate our decisions.

We could choose them all and throw some money at it ( and studies have shown that companies ad spend is going to increase a lot this year. 17% and is projected to be about half of the total advertising expenditures.) Or we can be strategic and create synergistic plans that use the strength of each component including social media tools and email marketing.

Oh, So why don’t I sell websites? Most of the time a businesses website is the core of their online marketing efforts. It is the center point one which we will hang other components on. If we are going to run a program that highlights a certain product or service, we would create a “Landing” page for that. One page specifically for that promotion. We would share in-depth info, create links to the page, encourage others to share the page. We want our page to be the answer to the questions people search for in Google. It shows that we are the authority on the this particular product or service. Tihis effort will help up rank highter in search. That is what we strive for.