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When you click the image/link below you can download and install a file named AeroAdmin.exe.
It is a small program that will allow us to connect!

AeroAdmin - Free Remote Desktop Software
AeroAdmin logo

Free Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Connection over Internet

Quick user guide on how to set up a remote desktop connection

Follow the 3 easy steps below to quickly set up a remote desktop connection over the Internet with AeroAdmin.
It will take less than a minute.

Operator/Admin side:

Remote partner/client side:

Step 1:


Step 2:

download and run
Ask your remote partner to tell you his/her ID.

Input it into corresponding field (“Client ID”).

Tell remote operator “Your ID” number.

Step 3:

remote connection to client
Click “Connect” and wait for the remote Client

to accept your connection request.

Choose what remote admin can do with your PC and click “Accept”.

Session started!

remote desktop session
Done! Now you can see remote desktop and control

your partner computer within granted access rights.

Your computer is being controlled by the Admin. To stop remote

connection, click “Stop” in main AeroAdmin window.