Online Meetings

While there is no substitute for meeting people face to face, many topics of discussion can be addressed more efficiently in meetings held online. Whether troubleshooting issues, training classes, or presentations, we can often more rapidly solve issues faster leaving all of us more productive.

Online meeting systems generally facilitate presenting or sharing screens, allow for remote control of one or both computers and even connect voices. Some times, better voice communication can be experienced by telephone instead of through the online meeting.

There area also some differences in the online meeting tools. Some simply run inside a browser window while others require a small software download.

Here are some tools we use to host meetings online:

Chrome Remote desktop

I like Mikogo for its simplicity. You can download the software and sign in or you can select “Join with Browser”. Ether way. when you open the program or the Mikogo browser window you simply enter the 9 digit code from the presenter and your name. That is about it.

Mikogo lets you share screens, and switch control back and forth. You can also talk over the internet. I find that talking online seems to bog things down a bit. Mikogo is free to use for one user and one participant. The Profesional version is $16.00 paid annually and supports 1 presenter and 25 participants with a couple other perks like website integration.


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