New Year’s Eve 2017-2018

New Year’s Eve 2017-2018



Some personal ramblings looking back at 2017 and forward to 22018. I know it is so cliche but it really feels that each year that passes gets shorter. 2017 wasn’t any different. We all watched the political circus and witnessed the craziest things happen. If anyone told us years ago that we would be in this environment, we would have brushed them off as a nut job.

On the personal side, most of you already know that my mother, Carol, passed away on October 27th of this year. She had a way of touching everybody’s heart. Even knowing that we were still surprised at the outpouring of love and the expressions of the feelings of so many of you


There were more shocks delivered as an unprecedented number of women were empowered to come forward out of the shadows to confront men who had harassed or even worse, physically abused or assaulted them in and out of the workplace. Don’t let me forget that there were men who also came forward and confronted their abuser. 2018 will be a year where we will have to define clear boundaries. I don’t think that will be as easy as it appears on the surface.


2018 Will also be a year filled with tension and political division. As the Special Prosecutor and his team work to find the truth behind the 2016 election, and more information sees the light of day, one side or the other will feel vindicated and the other will not trust the results. I think it would be prudent to open the discussions about the outcome. We have a process in this country and a presumption of innocence. Special Prosecutor Mueller is working diligently to stay far above the appearance of favouritism. For our part, we must trust the process.


Well, those are my two cents for the new year. I’ll leave the other prognosticating to those much smarter. It is usually wrong anyway.

To finish on a lighter note, I hope you all have a new year filled with love and peace filled with family and friends.

Happy New Year,


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